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TMHX Series - Online Infrared Thermometer  



Very Small and Lightweight, Online Infrared Thermometer

Small and light weight by resin housing.

The setting emissivity is possible at sensor head.

High temperature type has a very wide measurent range.

Temp. range : 0-500(2 types) & 0-1350(1 type.)

High speed response
30msec. (analog output type only).

Low temp. type is available to use as temperature sensor too.

Only thermometer's sensor head measurement temperature is possible.


SPECIFICATIONS OF GENERAL TYPES (Special specs. can be accepted.)

TMHX-CN0500-0035E1.6 0-500°C ø1.6mm 35mm LED(standard) Laser is available. 2-6.8µ Insb
TMHX-CN0500-0070E003 ø3.0mm 70mm
TMHX-CN0500-0120E5.5 ø5.5mm 120mm
TMHX-CH0500-0100B3.5 0-500°C ø3.5mm 100mm 2-6.8µ
TMHX-CH0500-0200B007 ø7.0mm 200mm
TMHX-CL1350-0500B009 0-1350°C ø9.0mm 500mm 3-5.6µ
TMHX-CS0500-0040H0.7 0-500°C ø0.7mm 40mm 5-6.8µ

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